Foreword to The Drinkers Guide To Healthy Living

It gives me great pleasure to write the foreword to Gerald D. Facciani’s The Drinkers Guide to Healthy Living. First, in order to be totally transparent, I am a very good friend of Mr. Facciani, and secondly, if you don’t know my name, just Google it. I have been the owner, publisher and leading writer for a journal called Robert M. Parker Jr.’s The Wine Advocate since it was founded in 1978, so it should be clear that I’m an advocate for alcohol. At the same time, I believe in responsible consumption and a relatively holistic view of one’s health. This would include the many different factors to be considered regarding diet, one’s personal philosophy of living, and of course, weaving these factors with the consumption of alcohol.

It is obvious I enjoy alcohol. Wine thoroughly changed my life, and I make no excuses when it comes to my love of it, what it has allowed me to accomplish, and the infinite memorable occasions precipitated by it — from a simple glass of rosé with new acquaintances or friends and family to serious wine dinners and wine tastings that have been catalysts for fascinating conversations. For the last 35 years, these have been an integral and invaluable part of my life.

With that said, no one to date has approached this subject without some sort of crusader’s mentality, either as advocates against the devil’s beverage, or those who take an extreme Libertarian position. What I think Jerry Facciani has accomplished in this book is not only the definitive guide to understanding how one can consume alcohol and yet still enjoy a very healthy and meaningful life, but he has done it without taking sides. He’s looked at the merits as well as negatives of alcohol consumption. He has studied the history of alcohol as well as diet, nutrition and, of course, things that are almost impossible to quantify — exercise, stress management, sleep patterns, environmental factors as well as genetics. He has covered the entire playing field of life, with the positives and the negatives beautifully articulated. His book is incredibly well researched and, like a great wine, has impeccable balance/equilibrium. He’s neither advocating alcohol consumption nor the abolition of it from one’s personal life. This is a book where Jerry Facciani not only talks the talk, but he has walked the walk, sharing his most intimate medical details with readers in order to give a greater comprehension of this very complex subject.

I thoroughly believe in what Mr. Facciani has accomplished, and believe this book will be of untold value to those who read it and digest its balanced approach to a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Robert M. Parker, Jr.

May 2014
Monkton, MD

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